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Term Papers on Geography

The Civil Rights Museum
Number of words: 548 - Number of pages: 2

.... America. This museum has specific information about my ancestors in civil rights movements. For example; it tells us the many voices of struggle, Nat Turner, Dred Scott, Fredrick Douglass, etc… who fought against bondage by stealing from their owners, escape arson, even homicide. The civil rights museum is a useful place, because I need to know where I've been to know where I'm going. There are still thousands of African-Americans who do not know of such a place, and that poses a big problem. I personally think that finding information for the museum was a little difficult. No one in .....

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Number of words: 1032 - Number of pages: 4

.... population is mestizo (people of mixed white and Native American descent), about 10% is white, and the remainder is Native American (4%) and black (9%). The population of Nicaragua is 3,745,000, yielding an overall density about 75 per sq. mi. Approximately 60% of the population is concentrated in the western part of the country, and more than 55% is urban. Political Divisions and Principal Cities Nicaragua is divided into six regions and three special zones. Managua, with a population of 682,100, is the capital and commercial center. León is an important religious and cultural .....

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The Town Of El Dorado Springs
Number of words: 5554 - Number of pages: 21

.... statement that really piqued my curiosity. "Indians who once roamed the area had known that the spring had medicinal qualitites, but, with characteristic reticence and secretiveness, they did not reveal this fact to the white man. They held the secret in their hearts as they gave ground and moved westward from the surging horde of white immigrants . . . " (1). To my mind, this sounded like a fallacy; how did they know the Indians knew if they never told anyone? Could I find out if the Indians considered the water medicinal? Could I prove this statement false? Farther on in the book, I c .....

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Distinctly Canadian
Number of words: 2428 - Number of pages: 9

.... (or Native Americans). They were a definite asset to Canada's cultural growth. The American Indians came into Canada in a series of migrations that occurred during the last stages of the Pleistocene Ice Age, Mongoloid peoples from Asia entered North America, probably crossing the Bering Strait. Gradually they spread over the continent and into South America. By 1600, more than 250,000 of their aboriginal descendants inhabited what is now Canada. Developing a Stone Age economy, they hunted, fished, and gathered food and, in warmer areas, also farmed. The basic social unit was the band, wh .....

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Travelers Guide To Colorado
Number of words: 1123 - Number of pages: 5

.... on what you want to find. "In Colorado, it's biggest city is it's capitol." -World Book Atlas 1993. The capitol of Colorado is Denver. Some of the attractions Colorado offers is: skiing, hiking, and exploring. These play a major role in Colorado's economic progression. The land in Colorado is rocky and steep basically all over. This does not make it a very good place to farm or raise livestock. (Unless you raise Mountain goats) Although it is not good agriculturally, Colorado is a beautiful place to see. The recreation in Colorado is ideal for the outdoors (wo)man. The major sports end of t .....

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Number of words: 2124 - Number of pages: 8

.... bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Senegal and Western Sahara. It's geograph-ic coordinates are 20 00 N, and 12 00 W. It's neighbors are Algeria to its northwest, Mali to it's west, Western Saharas to it's northeast, Morocco to it's north, and to its south Burkina Faso. It's total area is about 1,030,700 sq miles and it's land area about 1,030,400 sq miles which is slightly larger than three times the size of New Mexico. It has land boundaries are Algeria, Mali, Senegal, Western Sahara which make up the 5,074 sq miles of it's total land.[3][2] Mauritania is made up of mostly dese .....

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Nova Scotia
Number of words: 2804 - Number of pages: 11

.... North Mountain, a long ridge of traprock along the Bay of Fundy; the central section takes in the Cobequid Mountains, which rise to 367 m (1204 ft) atop Nuttby Mountain; and the eastern section contains the Cape Breton Highlands, with the province's highest point. The Annapolis Lowland, in the west, is a small area with considerable fertile soil. Nova Scotia's fourth region, the Maritime Plain, occupies a small region fronting on Northumberland Strait. The plain is characterized by a low, undulating landscape and substantial areas of fertile soil. History The area now known as Nova Scoti .....

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Number of words: 692 - Number of pages: 3

.... bring and end to the wall. Free travel and free elections were now a part of all . In 1990 both sides were merged and became the Federal Republic of . Government Originally the country of Germany was ruled by leaders who appointed themselves kings when they conquered some of the early East German tribes. The government went through many changes over the centuries. The country was ruled by many and the rulers were often religious leaders. Germany had all types of government. It was a democracy for awhile but many Germans rejected that government. It was also run by many dictators .....

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Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
Number of words: 1215 - Number of pages: 5

.... making the rounds in 1956 when Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco that her father's domain (John B. Kelly, Sr., was president of the Fairmount Park Commission) was larger than her husband's. Indeed, the Principality of Monaco covers only .6 square miles, but the 4,077.59 acres of Fairmount Park extend over 6 square miles.’ The road we would be taking was, thusly, called Kelly Drive. The tour then begun at the Philadelphia Art Museum, home of hundreds of phenomenal artwork displays. Here, I saw the sculpture of Joan of Arc, in which I found out a kind of interesting story. .....

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Lincoln, Nebraska
Number of words: 422 - Number of pages: 2

.... a massive two-story base and is considered a showpiece of American government architecture. `The Sower', a statue symbolizing Nebraska's farms, stands atop the tower. Museums include the State Museum of History, the University of Nebraska's Christlieb Western Art Collection, and the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, designed by architect Philip Johnson. Pioneers Park includes a nature center. The Nebraska State Fair takes place in Lincoln each summer. Other cultural groups include a symphony orchestra, the Lincoln Community Playhouse, and the National Art Association. Lincoln got its first .....

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