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Term Papers on Computers

Number of words: 1086 - Number of pages: 4

.... home enough for the employee? Or, too little? How does the employer decide how many days to allow? Does the employee's job lend itself well to telecommuting? Some jobs, obviously, can't be accomplished using a telecommuting format. Does the employee have a good track record for working unsupervised? This relates back to readiness levels. An employee who isn't performing at a high readiness level should not even be considered as a candidate for telecommuting. All of these questions and many more must be answered on a case by case basis. This particular venture into creative schedu .....

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Radar: A Silent Eye In The Sky
Number of words: 948 - Number of pages: 4

.... is sent out in all directions. When the sound waves find an object, such as a cliff face, they will bounce back to the source of the echo. If you count the number of seconds from when the sound was made to when the sound was heard, you can figure out the distance the sound had to travel. The formula is: (S/2) X 1100 = D (Half of the total time times 1100 feet per second equals the distance from the origin to the reflection point) Of course, radar is a much more complicated system than just somebody shouting and listening for the echo. In fact, modern radar listens not only for an .....

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Computer Science
Number of words: 791 - Number of pages: 3

.... tape from audiocassette to videocassette recorders. One of the first computer storage devices was the magnetic tape drive. Magnetic tape is a sequential data storage medium. To read data, a tape drive must wind through the spool of tape to the exact location of the desired information. To write, the tape drive encodes data sequentially on the tape. Because tape drives cannot randomly access or write data like disk drives, and are thus much slower, they have been replaced as the primary storage device with the hard drive. The hard drive is composed of thin layers of rigid magnetic platters .....

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The History Of The Internet And The WWW
Number of words: 1079 - Number of pages: 4

.... to realize the full potential of the Web. With a background of system design in real-time communications and text processing software development, in 1989 he invented the World Wide Web, an internet-based hypermedia initiative for global information sharing. while working at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory. He spent two years with Plessey elecommunications Ltd a major UK Telecom equipment manufacturer, working on distributed transaction systems, message relays, and bar code technology. In 1978 Tim left Plessey to join D.G Nash Ltd, where he wrote among other things ty .....

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Computer Programming
Number of words: 880 - Number of pages: 4

.... create software by using the following a basic step-by-step development process: (1) Define the scope of the program by outlining exactly what the program will do. (2) Plan the sequence of computer operations, usually by developing a flowchart (a diagram showing the order of computer actions and data flow). (3) Write the code--the program instructions encoded in a particular programming language. (4) Test the program. (5) Debug the program (eliminate problems in program logic and correct incorrect usage of the programming .....

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Freedom Of Speech & Censorship On The Internet
Number of words: 2293 - Number of pages: 9

.... somewhere, leading to demands for control of the Internet. The question of censorship may also be raised in some unexpected places: one newsgroup is the rec.humor list, which is a collection of jokes submitted to subscribers. There are straightforwardly rude jokes but others are politically incorrect, focusing on sexual stereotypes, mothers-in-law, women and so on. It has been suggested (Interpersonal Computing and Technology, 1994) that discretionary warning labels could be attached to potentially offensive material. With warning labels like those on records this may serve to whet appetite .....

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The Y2k Issue
Number of words: 1450 - Number of pages: 6

.... will. But without question, some will. The extent of that "some" is largely unknown. Water treatment facilities, food & farming, defense, transportation, hospitals & emergency service, power, banking, law enforcement, communications, fuel, and government are all things in question. Experts have testified before banking subcommittees that any major firm that has not already completed its assessment can not hope to become Y2K compliant by January 1, 2000. None of the utilities that were surveyed were assured after making inquiries that their suppliers, venders, and servicers would be Y2K .....

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What Is A Robot
Number of words: 2328 - Number of pages: 9

.... By "reprogrammable" they mean that if a robot gets a new assignment, it will need new instructions, but its basic structure will not change (except maybe a new mechanical hand). By "multifunctional" they mean a robot is the mechanical counter part of a computer that can handle various problems without any major hardware modifications. The only thing that changes when a robot is reassigned is its program of instructions. In modern robots, programmable microprocessors control all the robot's movements and actions. Robots can be taught by using a teaching mode. An operator mov .....

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Trespasser: Computer Game Review
Number of words: 963 - Number of pages: 4

.... into a pond, it will float and bob. Throw another barrel at that one, and they will react realistically based on the momentum of the projectile. Throw in a rock, and it will sink. Trespasser also features some interesting sound technology and light sourcing techniques to add to the realistic environment. Working with the realistic physics is a real time sound system based on your character's actual manipulation of the environment. Sounds are generated based on composition, structure, and velocity of two objects colliding. What this means is that if you throw a rock and hit a barrel, it .....

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How Technology Effects Modern America
Number of words: 1224 - Number of pages: 5

.... labor] categories already exceeds the demand for their services," says L. Mishel, Research Director of Welfare Reform Network. In view of these facts, I wonder if these trends are good or bad for society. "The danger of the information age is that while in the short run it may be cheaper to replace workers with technology, in the long run it is potentially self-destructive because there will not be enough purchasing power to grow the economy," M. B. Zuckerman. My feeling is that the trend from unskilled labor to highly technical, skilled labor is a good one! But, political action must b .....

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