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Term Papers on History

War Of 1812
Number of words: 2413 - Number of pages: 9

.... corner. And in June of 1812, a full-fledged war was upon them. The war, which lasted approximately two years, was a very bloody and costly battle to both the United States and Britain. Systematic Analysis To begin to look at this war we must take a look at the system the world was in at the time. The world was dominated by a bi-polar system, with France and England being the two poles. However you also had another player in the system, Russia. Although not quite as powerful as either of the top two, but if thrown in the mix could tip the scales toward one side or the other. The United Stat .....

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Imigration And Discrimination In The 20`s
Number of words: 536 - Number of pages: 2

.... exasperated this fear in Americans and then presented himself as the country's savior, combatting the evils of Communism. He mainly centered his attack on Russian immigrants. During the infamous Palmer raids thousands of aliens were deported and even more were arrested on little or no evidence. Their civil liberties were violated, they were not told the reasons for their arrests, denied counsel, and not given fair trials. What followed was an investigation of Palmer led by Louis Post which overturned many of Palmer's actions. Palmer's cretability was shattered after in a last minu .....

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The History Of The Ku Klux Klan
Number of words: 380 - Number of pages: 2

.... liberals, trade unionists, and striking workers. Like its predecessor, the new Klan burned fiery crosses and employed violence to scare its enemies. After 1921 the Klan grew rapidly in membership and influence, “In a six month period from 1920 to October 1921 the Klan added 100,000 new members, And made one and a half million dollars from the sale of robes, ritual equipment and other paraphernalia.” It was only ten dollars for a membership. “A 1924 estimate of its membership was as high as 3 million.” In 1944 the Klan formally split up when it was unable to pay taxes owed the fede .....

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The Bay Of Pigs Invasion
Number of words: 4294 - Number of pages: 16

.... were killed at other sites on the island. Two of the B-26s left Cuba and flew to Miami, apparently to defect to the United States. The Cuban Revolutionary Council, the government in exile, in New York City released a statement saying that the bombings in Cuba were ". . . carried out by 'Cubans inside Cuba' who were 'in contact with' the top command of the Revolutionary Council . . . ." The New York Times reporter covering the story alluded to something being wrong with the whole situation when he wondered how the council knew the pilots were coming if the pilots had only decided to .....

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How World Conflict Start
Number of words: 695 - Number of pages: 3

.... U.S. Government would probably not turn me in. Even if they say that they do not participate in assassination, because of the Geneva Convention. This almost or is the same with Serbian at that time. They protect there people because they do not want to punish a nationalist just because he was being patriotic. They probably shot Austria-Hungry leader, because the plan that Austria-Hungry want to take over your territory. Ask yourself this ,would you punish your son or daughter who shot a burglar before he/she/it entered your house? In Kosovo, United States View is that Serbian doing thing .....

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Magdelana Abakanowicz
Number of words: 230 - Number of pages: 1

.... figures presented in large groups of 50, 80, or 150 exemplars. Abakanowicz also works in drawing, painting, choreographing dances, and architectural projects. Her work can be seen in museums all over the world. Often in her work she explores the alerted reality created by groups of sculpture in a gallery while also drawing heavily upon her personal and family history. Abakanowicz’s work demonstrates an evolution from themes to dwellings, to humans, to the primality of organic growth itself. Abakanowicz’s strong idealism and forceful speaking style suggest a productive tenacity born of a .....

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Ancient Japanese Art
Number of words: 2150 - Number of pages: 8

.... in 1947 and died in 1509. I liked some of the pieces that were showcased on the floor, but this is the one that I found to be a little mysterious. When I first saw this piece of work I questioned its value and just why it was in the museum because two feet away on either side of it were beautiful inkings and paintings. I looked back in the middle and found this piece of art to be more of a piece of crap. So I looked harder. The work is painted on part of a horizontally unraveled scroll. The exposed part of the scroll is one foot high and four feet from left to right. To the far .....

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Bill Of Rights
Number of words: 1220 - Number of pages: 5

.... no .”(2) People objected because the liberties they had fought for in the Revolution were not being protected by the Constitution, and then could be ignored by the federal government. The Anti-Federalist called for another convention to outline a before the Constitution was approved. The Federalist, fearing that the progress would unravel completely, urged immediate ratification. With the understanding of a to follow later. Eventually the Federalist prevailed. By 1788, eleven states had ratified the Constitution. Six states, however, sent Congress proposals for amendments, modeled on the .....

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Chinese Occupation Of Tibet
Number of words: 309 - Number of pages: 2

.... with for nearly 60 years. The United Nations has failed to punish China for any of its human rights abuses. Major corporations from around the world continue to do business with China. Last year, despite continuing pressure, the United States renewed China's Most Favored Nation trading status. Unfortunately, since China represents such a potentially gigantic market, politicians are reluctant to impose any trade sanctions. The Chinese government claims to be helping the Tibetan culture, but in reality they have created hogemy over the Tibetan people. China has damaged the society of Ti .....

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Rock And Roll 2
Number of words: 766 - Number of pages: 3

.... hated it, also hated the famous radio station WINS. WINS, was the first radio station to broadcast rock and roll. They were only in it for the music. By the time WINS was part of the revival, the famous, unforgettable 1960's were there. For the next two decades, the United States did mot know what it was about to go though. It was going to go through drugs, war, and heartache. What helped this time of suffering, the rock. The youth looked to the music. It was not just in America, rock had gone worldwide. People had turned to the music because it made them feel good. Plus it helped ge .....

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