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Term Papers on Social Issues

Number of words: 554 - Number of pages: 3

.... duties associated with the office. It was more of a popularity contest than a serious commitment. Over the years, I have been elected to several offices and I have realized that if you are elected to a leadership position you should perform the job duties because many people are counting on you. I have tried to the best of my ability to live up to my commitments. I also realize that not all leadership positions are elected or appointed. Many are people deciding something needs to be done in there town and doing it themselves. I have taken this kind of leadership role in many activiti .....

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Cross-Cultural Child Rearing
Number of words: 1390 - Number of pages: 6

.... Most women breast-feed their children for some period of time, though some women in the United States start their children on formula at an early age. Women in the United States are amongst the few that even put their children on bottle formula. “In the West today, solid foods such as rice cereal is introduced during the first four to eight months of age: and from there, a steady progression of mashed and then chunky but soft foods are usually introduced, until eventually the child is ingesting more solid food than milk” (Small p.184). Some women in the Himalayas still breast feed t .....

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How Can We Help The Homeless And Should We?: Searching For A Solution
Number of words: 1068 - Number of pages: 4

.... We tried to leave as soon as possible. But then I began reading these essays about the homeless and it started to change my mind. The essay "Virginia's Trap" by Peter Marin especially effected me because of the way it portrays the young woman that has nothing going for her and almost everything against her. I though about this and decided I had misunderstood the whole plight of this population and thought there must be a better way to help these unfortunate people. How should we help the homeless and should we try even though they may not help themselves? I figure that is the most important .....

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Sex In The Net!
Number of words: 1102 - Number of pages: 5

.... form or media. I know children, some as young as ten years, who have an unlimited supply of pornography. They have been exposed to it from an early age and it has become an addiction like smoking or drinking. Part of the problem is that censorship laws are not enforced. Some newsagents will sell a twelve year old, pornography, (legal age of 18) but will not sell them a packet of cigarettes (legal age of 16 until June 1994). The obvious derivative from this statement, is that fines and punishments for selling pornography to underage persons, are not high enough. So why don't we raise th .....

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“A Fair Chance For The Girls”
Number of words: 445 - Number of pages: 2

.... believing had he shown us more cases were this was the case. Although this article was not convincing to me I was still able to point out strengths and weakness and the one strength that I saw was the way he tried to draw you in by believing that by stating the effects on the reproductive system and the brain. The weakness that I found in this reading was his failure to cite more cases of this so-called “fair chance”. When I say that I mean that maybe if he could have showed us more then maybe we {women} might have seen this as a fair warning that before we get to deep into the learning p .....

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Capital Punishment: Injustice Of Society
Number of words: 1401 - Number of pages: 6

.... makes it hard to be confident that capital punishment deters more than long prison terms do.”(Cavanagh 4) Going ever farther, Bryan Stevenson, the executive director of the Montgomery based Equal Justice Initiative, has stated that “…people are increasingly realizing that the more we resort to killing as a legitimate response to our frustration and anger with violence, the more violent our society becomes…We could execute all three thousand people on death row, and most people would not feel any safer tomorrow.”(Frame 51) In addition, with the growing humanitarianism of modern .....

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Rehabilitation Of Criminals: A Waste Of Time Or Worth The Effort?
Number of words: 617 - Number of pages: 3

.... Even when longer sentences are given, they are rarely served. The average murderer spends about six years in prison. What factors decide the outcome of such individuals? Some experts feel there is no absolute answer, only speculation. There is however, a strong relationship between environment and the outcome of offenders. Low income, poor education,drugs, and family breakdown are some factors that keep repeating in cases of habitual offenders; however, the public sees the problem lies with the availability of guns and lack of morals. Only one factor stands out in both public and profe .....

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Road Rage
Number of words: 2171 - Number of pages: 8

.... issue. There's growing official alarm about . The US government has named "aggressive drivers" as one of the most serious transportation challenges facing State legislatures today. Ricardo Martinez, federal administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has declared that is now the Number One traffic problem. The New York Times reported a poll in Washington, D.C., showing that 42% of the residents rate aggressive drivers as the biggest threat on the road, followed by drunk drivers (35%). The problem is so serious that insurance companies are devising ways t .....

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Staying In School
Number of words: 398 - Number of pages: 2

.... of similar age. By waiting an extra year or two, you will find it more uncomfortable within your classes. The entire college experience involves parties, football games, and drinking beer with your buddies as well as an education. As you get into the entire experience and enjoy college, you will understand and appreciate what a college offers. The ideal time for college is now more than ever as you also have scholarships and your parents to help with the expensive money arrangement which is needed. Parents can be a great help in paying for your college, and may be willing to p .....

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Mockery Of Native Americans
Number of words: 653 - Number of pages: 3

.... their whole tribe. The Native Americans would also like to be treated with the same respect that other racial groups have gotten. The African American people were mocked with a doll with a big black head and huge lips to mock an African American. The African American people complained about it and the doll was terminated from society forever. Now the Native Americans are complaining that the mascots of collegiate and professional teams are mocking them and no actions have been taken at all. What they could have done instead of nothing at all was at least change some of the dances which are v .....

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