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Term Papers on Legal and Government

The Detrimental Effects In Cha
Number of words: 3718 - Number of pages: 14

.... appropriated to land owners. Rent control laws were established by previous governments to protect society and its people from inflated and uncontrollable housing costs. The Harris government now wants to repeal these laws. On June 25 the Minister of Housing, Al Leach, released a policy paper outlining the changes that are to be made to Ontario’s rent laws. Conservative legislators plan to pass the proposed ‘Tenant Protection Act’ in the fall. The omnibus legislation will rescind the Rent Control Act, the Landlord and Tenant Act, the Rental Housing Protection Act, Residents .....

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McCarthy's Communist Witch-Hunt
Number of words: 1831 - Number of pages: 7

.... on February 12, 1950. In that address, McCarthy argued that the United States was denied the fruits of victory from World War II by treasonous subversives in the U.S. State Department. He especially blamed the 1949 Chinese communist takeover on treachery within the U.S. State Department. In that speech, McCarthy stated fifty-seven Communists were working in the State Department (Matusow 48). Even when Senator McCarthy was giving his very first accusing speech in Wheeling he had not any factual information whatever to support his accusations. The truth is that in making his speech in Whee .....

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National Honor Society - Vice President Speech
Number of words: 428 - Number of pages: 2

.... tickets to businesses, especially car dealerships who cater food to their employees on Saturdays. Usually, people will donate the paper goods and chips. Charbroils are very good fundraisers to do. Parents always volunteer to cook the chickens and help to organize things, at least mine do anyway. If we wanted to do an in school fundraiser, the best thing to do is sell candy. Students will buy candy as if it were going out of style. As long as we get permission from Mr. Dilworth, selling candy would be a great idea. These are just a couple of ideas I have for raising money. As far as idea .....

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In Cold Blood: Death Penalty
Number of words: 1369 - Number of pages: 5

.... Camus pointed out, " Capital punishment....has always been a religious punishment and is reconcilable with humanism." In other words, society has long since left behind the archaic and barbous" customs" from the cruel "eye for an eye" anti-human caves of religion- another factor that should raise immediate misgivings for freethinkers. State killings are morally bankrupt. Why do governments kill people to show other people that killing people is wrong? Humanity becomes associated with murderers when it replicate their deeds. Would society allow rape as the penalty for rape or the .....

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Bilingual Education
Number of words: 1472 - Number of pages: 6

.... don’t need speak English fluently to succeed in America. In 1968 we didn’t know that wouldn’t work, however, it’s time to move on and do the right thing and switch to English Only. Lyndon Johnson was president, we had the futile dream of world peace, at the same time we were “Bombing the North Vietnamese into the stone-age”. In the final year of LBJ’s presidency sever new education initives were taken as part of the last step in his “Great Society” programs. One of these new initives was . At the time it was supported by the Liberal whites in this country, for the most p .....

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Analysis Of Sexual Harassment
Number of words: 1558 - Number of pages: 6

.... incidents take place when one person is in a position of power over the other; or when a woman has an untraditional job such as a police officer, factory worker, business executive, or any other traditionally male job. Typical victims of harassment are young, single, college-educated, members of a minority racial or ethnic group (if male), in a trainee position (or office/ clerical positions if male), or have an immediate supervisor of the opposite sex. (Cq researcher 542) Presently, it is hard for courts and others to decide when sexual harassment has ta .....

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1996: A Turbulent Year For Israel
Number of words: 1689 - Number of pages: 7

.... of Palestinians. Also at issue were the exit permits given to Palestinians allowing them to go from there jobs in Israel to there homes in Gaza and the and the West Bank. That leads to another issue over whether or not a rail link between Gaza and the West Bank should be formed. The major problem with that would be the cost. In the next round of Israeli-PLO peace talks, both sides could not reach a compromise and after four hours talks failed. To complicate matters further 3,000 houses were approved to be built in the West Bank by the Israeli government. "Peace Now spokesman", Al .....

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Banning Cigarets
Number of words: 780 - Number of pages: 3

.... that are, many times, preventable. In fact, "[s]moking costs the United States approximately $97.2 billion each year in health-care costs and lost productivity" (American Lung Association, "American"). Also, citizens must fund health care costs through tax dollars. A wiser and more productive utilization of tax dollars would be funding for schools. Despite the fact that the tobacco industry contributes a significant amount of tax dollars, economic costs far exceed tobacco profits. Another area where cigarette smoking is costly is the working environment. Employers must spend more mon .....

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Capital Punishment
Number of words: 1660 - Number of pages: 7

.... states, the death penalty was applied for a vast number of crimes, just like in England, the ruler of the states in this era (II 536). In England, in the 18th century, there were approximately 220 offenses punishable by death. Some of them would today be considered as misdemeanors and petty crimes (i. e. shooting of a rabbit, the theft of a pocket handkerchief, and to cut down a cherry tree) (Horwitz 13). The majority of these were crimes dealing with property. However, transportation became an alternative to execution in the 17th century. A lot of these criminals were shipped to the U. .....

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Adolf Hitler
Number of words: 1946 - Number of pages: 8

.... sure of success. To his surprise he failed again. In fact the Dean of the academy was not very impressed with his performance, and gave him a really hard time and said to him "You will never be painter." The rejection really crushed him as he now reached a dead end. He could not apply to the school of architecture as he had no high-school diploma. During the next 35 years of his live the young man never forgot the rejection he received in the dean’s office that day. Many Historians like to speculate what would have happened IF.... perhaps the small town boy would have had a bit more tale .....

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