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Term Papers on Arts and Plays

Number of words: 400 - Number of pages: 2

.... the endorsements of celebrities to bring public awareness about the rising problems today. In turn, this motivates the general public to take an active part in giving back to the community in which they live in and to educate the young people in the role that they will someday inherit. Humorous can take on two different personalities. One would be in presenting a serious problem in a humorous manor. The other would be advertising a product in such a manor that it would be memorable and convincing to the general consumer. Humorous are considered to be more convincing and have more impa .....

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The Miracle Worker: Kate Keller And Helen
Number of words: 366 - Number of pages: 2

.... Helen would go back to her selfish ways and the family would start to pity her again. By the end on the play, Helen starts to understand what words mean (ex: water). Everyone is very excited for Helen, but Kate learns that real love also means losing the one you love. Meaning that once Helen learned everything, Kate will no longer have to do everything and be right beside her all the time. It is like when your baby learns to walk and talk, in a way you are “losing the one you love” or you feel like you aren’t going to be as close as you were. Your child will learn to do more and .....

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King Lear - Good Vs. Evil
Number of words: 632 - Number of pages: 3

.... were the ones who created evil. Edgar, is another character in the play who believes that evil is caused by humans and not the gods. Edgar said, "The gods are just, and of our peasant vices make instruments to plague us" (ACT V, iii, 169). Edgar clearly says that the gods are right and it is the people who are responsible for promoting evil in the world. It is us who make the instruments necessary for evil to spread and plague the world. In the world of King Lear many characters believe evil was caused by the people and not by the gods. Even though evil was created by humans good wi .....

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Movie Review: A Time To Kill
Number of words: 549 - Number of pages: 2

.... (Sandra Bullock, in a surprisingly small role for having top billing) helps Brigance to get the trial moved to another town. Unfortunately, the judge (Patrick McGoohan) decides against moving the trial. Brigance needs to get a jury of young, married men with children. What does he get? A jury of women and old men. So Brigance has his work cut out for him, especially when he is up against the cruel and cheating Rufus Buckley (Kevin Spacey). The film moves along quickly, which I wasn't expecting. The movie is 145 minutes long, but it seems shorter than this. The book is over 500 pages, so Gold .....

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Julius Caesar: Brutus
Number of words: 730 - Number of pages: 3

.... wine to get ride of the pain and told Cassius to never speak of his wife again. “Lucius a bowl of wine! I did not think you could have been so angry, O Cassius, I am sick of many griefs. Of your philosophy you make no use If you give place to accidental evils. No man bears sorrow better. Portia is dead. Ha! Portia! She is dead. How ‘scaped I killing when I crossed you so? Oh, insupportable and touching loss! Upon what sickness? Impatient of my absence, And gri .....

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Death Of A Salesman: Willy Lowman
Number of words: 1028 - Number of pages: 4

.... better for his family. It is not uncommon for one to think of better times at low points in their life in order to cheer themselves up so that they are able to deal with the problems they encounter, but Willy Lowman takes it one step further. His refusal to accept reality is so strong that in his mind he is transported back in time to relive one of the happier days of his life. It was a time when no one argued, Willy and Linda were younger, the financial situation was less of a burden, and Biff and Happy enthusiastically welcomed their father back home from a long road trip. Willy's need fo .....

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Hamlet: Tragedy In Hamlet
Number of words: 1953 - Number of pages: 8

.... a theme of proper revenge, as opposed to fear and pity, hence Aristotle would have disapproved of Hamlet. It is the above mentioned elements; character, plot and setting, used in a non-Aristotelian way, that makes Hamlet work as a one of the English language's most renown tragedies. By proper revenge we refer to the Elizabethan view that revenge must be sought in certain cases, for the world to continue properly. This is the main plot of Hamlet. In Poetics, Aristotle defines for us, the element of plot and shows us how he believes it must be put together. He also believes in var .....

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Analysis Of The Character Willy Loman In Arthur Miller’s Play, "Death Of A Salesman"
Number of words: 1135 - Number of pages: 5

.... would flock from all over the country to pay their respects. Willy’s main flaw is his foolish pride, this it what makes him a tragic hero. Yet there are many facets to his personality that contribute to the state he and the family are in during the play. His upbringing of the boys is one major issue, he raised them with the notion that if one is well-liked, he need not worry about qualifications, he believed that if his boys were popular they would come out on top. Sadly, he doesn’t realise that the only way an ordinary person can get rich is through work (represented by Bernard) o .....

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A Midsummer Night's Dream: Contrast In Human Mentality
Number of words: 835 - Number of pages: 4

.... most likely based his decision on economic, political, and social factors in his choosing of Demetrius. He is making a reasonable decision based on Hermia's future in their society. Unfortunately Hermia is smitten by Lysander and vice versa. Although her father may have made his decision with every good intension, keeping with the traditional customs of his day, and even perhaps taking into consideration such things as attractiveness, he failed to foresee the desires of his daughter. The young Lysander, who like most young men, cares little for the rules of society, is willing to break .....

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Basketball Diaries: Movie Summary
Number of words: 409 - Number of pages: 2

.... him to do something he turns his back on them. This lack of respect of authority could because of lack of male influence in his life. Jim looked at the church as an institution rather than a home. No, I do not hold this view on the church. I was raised in environment with personable priests. This helped me grow with the church rather than against it. A very controversial issue is whether drugs and alcohol are morally wrong. Catholics believe that anything that can harm your body is morally wrong. I believe that drugs are morally wrong. They alter emotions, thoughts, and physical being; this .....

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