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Term Papers on Music

Review Of Gyorgi Ligeti's Danse Macarbei
Number of words: 279 - Number of pages: 2

.... to have sculpted a piece together from bits and pieces of other musical styles: a sort of modern-art approach to music. The violins tuning without a care in the first few moments, the slow mock continuo of the highly dissonant bassoon counterpoint, and the later high pitch of a clarinet all seem to be broad, bold strokes on a canvas of sound. Ideas come floating to the front of the imaginary "stage", and drop back behind newer themes. The percussion also adds considerably to the complexity of the piece in the later minutes, stomping along without any respect for the classical violin or the .....

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2Pac Shakur
Number of words: 528 - Number of pages: 2

.... 1994, Tupac himself was shot during an attempted robbery outside a music studio in New York. Tupac did, however, mention this; “Thug life to me is dead. If it's real, let somebody else represent it because I'm tired of it.” Shakur told Vibe Magazine. “I represented it too much. I was Thug Life”(“ Associated”). Tupac had a very promising career. His first album “2pacallyps Now” was very successful. Not too late after that his movie “Juice” was released in 1992. He released two more albums titled “Strictly for my Niggaz” and “Me against the world” and two m .....

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Origin Of Musical Instruments
Number of words: 2644 - Number of pages: 10

.... father-in-law Laban, lived in Babylonian territory, and when Jacob left him in haste, he said to him: "Wherefore didst thou flee away secretly . . . that I might have sent thee away with mirth, and with songs, with tabret, and with harp? (Gen. 31:27). This suggests the possibility that some of these musical instruments as used in Babylonia found their way into the life of the early Hebrews. Egyptian Musical Instruments Influencing Moses And Israel. Moses received a thorough education at the hands of the Egyptians, and music was an important part of his training. Music was greatly emphasiz .....

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Gregorian Chant
Number of words: 1971 - Number of pages: 8

.... chanting and that’s the big difference. Second, there shouldn’t be any music in the background as in the enigma CD. So what exactly is ? A bunch of notes slapped on a paper that people just riddle off in a deep voice so it sounds good? Of course not. Chant is a specific kind of music. The people of that time didn’t really develop far into music so there was no real back bone to work from. No organization or format to follow. The way chant was written and performed is very different from today’s music. today has a format to follow and a way to be written, so it sounds very much .....

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Review Of A Concert Of Sacred Music From The Moores Opera
Number of words: 591 - Number of pages: 3

.... piece was Gloria. It was louder and more powerful then the rest. The parts were sung by women then men in a beautiful combination. The music was soft and intimate then quickly getting louder and more powerful. “Gloria” was trying to make a point in a almost begging manner. My favorite was the Amen at the end, and how it was equally distributed between the female and male. I also enjoyed Credo. It was sad and hurtful. The strings and oboe played at the time when the choir was singing soft and low which impacted the mood of the composition. Coro was the second second group of perf .....

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Number of words: - Number of pages:

.... .....

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Life's Too Short
Number of words: 896 - Number of pages: 4

.... all, an important ingredient to the song is how it appeals to kids. With it's ghetto beat and monster bass the song is something that kids feel cool listening to. This is his first success ingredient, getting the attention of his audience so that they will listen to his message. His message is of course the best thing about the song. It explains to kids to "stop just hangin out, set your self some goals, think positive, and keep hustling". Too Short has got to the financial level he's at, by following the keys that he describes in his song, not by following the stereotypes that pare .....

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Great Rock Musicians: Their Achievements And Effect On Rock And Roll
Number of words: 2108 - Number of pages: 8

.... type of Blues later became known as country blues because it was rooted in rural areas. The Blues became more main stream and popular in the 1920's because of the recording industry coming into existence. More instruments were added such as pianos, organs, and wind instruments. Big Band and Rhythm and Blues stemmed from City Blues. Rock and Roll then stemmed from Rhythm and Blues, in fact, many of the first recorded "Rock" songs where simply white musicians re-recording Rhythm and Blues songs originally written by black artists. It took Bob Dylan 23 years to re .....

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Paul Simon: I Am A Rock
Number of words: 573 - Number of pages: 3

.... walls keep unwanted things out: bad feelings, love, etc. Then, in the third line of this stanza, he says "I have no need of friendship - friendship causes pain, It's laughter and loving I disdain." He said that he doesn't want friendship because it just causes pain, and that the laughter and loving he hates or despises. He wants to be left alone, like it says in the third stanza, "Hiding in my room, Safe within my tomb." He wanted to be shielded from society. In the first line of the third stanza, he says "I have my books and my poetry to protect me, I am shielded in my armour" He .....

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Romantic Music: The Ideals Of Instrumental Music
Number of words: 851 - Number of pages: 4

.... of the 19th century, was resolved in the conception of program music. Program music, as Liszt and others in the 19th century used the term, is music associated with poetic, descriptive, and even narrative subject matter. This is done not by means of musical figures imitating natural sounds and movements, but by imaginative suggestion. Program music aimed to absorb and transmit the imagined subject matter in such a way that the resulting work, although "programmed", does not sound forced, and transcends the subject matter it seeks to represent. Instrumental music thus became a vehic .....

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