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Term Papers on Science

Number of words: 1888 - Number of pages: 7

.... early twentieth-century classifications of mental disorders (Nelson, Israel, 1997). The descriptions and classifications of these disturbances, however, were confusing and controversial. Kraeplin set the basis for modern classification. He used the terms dementia, a belief that progressive deterioration occurred, and praecox, meaning the disorders began early. Later the term schizophrenia was applied by Bleuer. He argued that deterioration was not inevitable and that psychological factors played a role. As time went on many other different diagnostic terms were applied such as dement .....

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Number of words: 780 - Number of pages: 3

.... Small amounts can make you relaxed and generally less inhibited. Some users say that it enhances the experiences of music, food and sex. Logical thinking tends to be slowed, but smokers often believe that their minds are flitting from thought to thought with great speed (NIH). Intoxication is more intense during the first hour after smoking, although the drug's effects may persist for three to five hours, depending mainly on the dose. According to " CESAR," regular users often develop a psychological dependence on . They have a strong desire to continue its use, to get through .....

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Victor Frankenstein And His Use Of Science
Number of words: 911 - Number of pages: 4

.... the earth and all of the life on earth. Victor Frankenstein is exactly like the scientists of today. Victor Frankenstein is trying to make a human being from other, deceased human beings, this could be compared to cloning today, making one creature from another. The possibility, or theory of genetic engineering can guarantee that humans would be without deformity, affliction or frailty. Victor Frankenstein may not have chosen parts for his monster, or human that were necessarily beautiful, but Victor Frankenstein tried to make his product as earthborn as possible. Victor Frankenstein wa .....

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Circulation Systems Over China
Number of words: 1879 - Number of pages: 7

.... the year. Surface Pressure Field and Winds: For any fluid to initiate movements, pressure gradient must exists. Therefore, for a close understanding of the circulation system that operates over China, we should start from discussing the seasonal pressure distribution at sea-level over the Asia-Pacific region, which is the driving force for the air movements in China. Most clearly to be seen, the largest difference in the atmospheric pressure occurs between winter and summer, whereby January and July can be considered as representative months. In January, a typical cold anticyclone with .....

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Electric Charge
Number of words: 587 - Number of pages: 3

.... The adjective static describes something that does not move. Charges on an object are called static electricity to contrast then with the moving charges in an electric current. How can you disturb the balance of charge on objects so they exert electric force? The easiest way is the same way the ancient Greeks did it – by rubbing the 2 objects together. Rubbing neutral objects together allows charged pieces of matter to move from one object to another. The invisible bits of negatively charged matter that move between objects are called electrons. The words electron, electricity, and e .....

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Number of words: 682 - Number of pages: 3

.... like, “why people who lives in glasses houses shouldnt throw rocks.” If he fails to answer, he might have Alzheimer disease and should be refered to a treatment.. There is 3 stages in AD. Mild: the patient might have trouble finding his words r forget familiar names. Moderate: he will be desoriented, paranoid and/or desoriented. He will also become urine-incontinent. And finally late: he will be innable to speak intelligibly, swallowing problems, and have some fecal incontinence. Now, lets return to our initial question, how to deal with personne Suffering from AD. People suffering f .....

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Triceratops Hottidus: “Horrible Three-horned Face”
Number of words: 436 - Number of pages: 2

.... extinction 65 million years ago. BEHAVIOR: Triceratops was probably a herding animal, like the other Cartesians. This hypothesis is supported by the fining of bone beds, large deposits of bones of the same species in am area. Triceratops hatched from eggs, which may have been cared for by adults. Which threatened by predators, Triceratops probably changed into its enemy, like the modern-day rhinoceros does. This was probably a very effective defense. DIET, TEETH, ADN TRICERATOPS POSITION IN THE FOOD CHAIN: Triceratops was as herbivore, a plant eater(a primary consumer), It pr .....

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The Prairie Dog: Friend Or Foe?
Number of words: 1768 - Number of pages: 7

.... typically limit prairie dogs to small percentages of available potential habitat. Prairie dogs are essential to our prairie ecosystem. Many species dependent on prairie dogs for prey and habitat are diminishing in direct relation to the decreasing number of prairie dogs. Unlike other species, which have declined because of habitat loss due to human activities, the loss of prairie dog populations is a direct result of governmental and private landowner efforts to eradicate them. Prairie dogs and their environment must be protected by law to preserve our native prairie ecosystem. Tim Cl .....

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About All Sharks
Number of words: 761 - Number of pages: 3

.... with shortened mouths. HEXANCHIFORMES: The Hexanchiformes or cow sharks, comprise of two families. Recognized by their six or seven pairs of gill slits, there sharks can often be found in deep water. The frilled shark (CHLAMYDISELACHUS ANGUINEUS) who's appearance is quite unmistakable due to it's "eel" like appearance, is perhaps one the strangest shark that exist today. FOSSIL RECORD: Shark fossil record is fargmentery at best. Most fossils found so far consist of nothing but teeth in some cases a few vertebra have been found. This is rare due to the fact that sharks have bones inst .....

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The Geiger-Muller Tube
Number of words: 227 - Number of pages: 1

.... runs down the center of this cylinder. The voltage across the wire and cylinder is kept just below the point at which a spontaneous discharge, or spark, occurs. When a charged particle or gamma ray enters the tube , it ionizes a gas atom between the copper cylinder and the wire. The positive ion produced is accelerated toward the copper cylinder by the potential difference. The electron is accelerated toward the positive wire. As these new particles move toward the electrodes, they strike other atoms and form even more ion in their path. Thus an avalanche of charged particles is cre .....

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